OFI has access to unique research infrastructure as well as the experts to optimize its use. From lab space to in-water and analytical infrastructure, OFI has the tools that allow scientists to think big and create extraordinary research results. 

OFI Infrastructure

World-class scientists need top-notch facilities to do their work. OFI laboratories are based at its university partners in Atlantic Canada. And we have access to research centres owned and operated by our Canadian and international partners.

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Research & lab space

OFI has access to resources that ocean research requires. Collaborative work environments, multiple person bench space, island working areas and more, enable an efficient — and effective — work environment.

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Ship time

While the bulk of a researcher's data recording and analysis happens on land, it's on the water where most of the scientific action happens. OFI works with partners to share access to ship time and in-water infrastructure. By working together, we expect to reduce costs and accelerate the speed at which research is conducted.

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Knowledge mobilization

Through connections within the industry, OFI enables researchers to put their science to work — applying and testing their theories through incubator projects with the eventual goal of achieving commercialization.

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