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  • Learn more about how OFI is working to drive discovery through ocean research: 
  • Ocean research is good, but applying it to protect the environment and advance our economy is even better. Learn how OFI is putting ocean research to work: 
  • Collaboration is key to effective research. That’s why OFI has eight international partners and 19 industry partners. The challenges associated with the changing climate, need for increased ocean food production and rapidly increasing access to the North Atlantic are too large-scale and complex for one institution, one research sector or one country to tackle alone:
  • OFI is working together to advance ocean literacy. We’re mobilizing knowledge, and in the process, building future ocean leaders.
  • Ocean researchers are champions of the sea. Learn more about how OFI is creating a culture of marine stewardship that’s driving positive change:

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  • Look what we can do! Dalhousie University President Richard Florizone shares Nova Scotia success stories (Dec. 14, 2016). Watch the video ...

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