OFI Infrastructure

OFI collaborates with a broad network of scientific organizations which include:

  • The Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) uses electronic tags to track more than 140 commercially-important and endangered species in 29 countries. OTN provides the expertise and technology to launch important components of the OFI’s research.
  • MERIDIAN (Marine Environmental Research Infrastructure for Data Integration and Application Network) is a consortium of highly-skilled, cross-functional teams that are developing a national data service that connects ocean information, focusing initially on ocean acoustics. MERIDIAN aims to provide a long-term data service to assist the Canadian ocean research community — from scientist to developer — in the use of advanced data science technologies.
  • Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction and Response (MEOPAR), a national Network of Centres of Excellence, connecting top marine researchers across Canada with highly-qualified personnel, partners and communities. MEOPAR aims to train the next generation of marine research professionals, fund leading-edge research, and connect research results to real-world solutions.
  • The Canadian Healthy Oceans Network (CHONe) develops new conservation strategies for Canada’s changing ocean by partnering with Canadian university researchers and government scientists.