Completed Projects

From Dalhousie University ... 

  • Aaron MacNeil, Biology   

Robust Compliance Estimation in Fisheries Science

  • Anneke ten Doeschate, Oceanography   

Quantification of Ocean Turbulence in the Upper Ocean with Autonomous Vehicles – Bedford Basin Pilot experiment

  • Megan Bailey, Marine Affairs   

Identification of community priorities for marine planning in Nunatsiavut through collaborative qualitative analysis

  • Robert Beiko, Computer Science    

Environmental DNA by design: Building and validating a protocol for biodiversity assessment and linkage with sensor data

  • Debany Fonseca Pereira Batista, Ocean Sciences   

A novel 15N2 – Gas Infusion Gill Apparatus (15N-GIGA) as a unifying solution for accurate and sensitive measurements of marine nitrogen fixation

  • Zhenyu Cheng, Microbiology and Immunology

Biodegradable plastic production by the novel marine heterotrophic diazotroph Candidatus Thalassolituus halegoni isolated from the coastal waters of Nova Scotia

  • Vittorio Maselli, Earth Sciences

Reconstructing Storminess and Extreme Wave Events in Atlantic Canada

  • Pedram Sadeghian, Civil and Resource Engineering

Feasibility study of the use of improved autogenous self-healing mechanism for cracks in concrete structures exposed to marine environment 

  • Krysta Sutton, Resource and Environmental Studies

Telling Coastal Stories: Using Narrative to Frame How We Communicate Coastal Adaptation”

  • Kristin Doering, Oceanography

Phytoplankton productivity and nutrient distribution in the Labrador Sea: Comparing recent warming with past warm phases 

  • Samsul Islam, Industrial Engineering

Mapping of commodity characteristics using ship tracking data for mitigating the impact of natural disasters on local communities 

  • Leigh Howarth, Oceanography

Developing a macroalgae ‘bioindicator’ to monitor natural and anthropogenic sources of nitrogen 

From Memorial University ...

  • Weimin Huang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Sea Ice Smart Sensing from GNSS-R Data Using a Deep Learning Method 

  • Jon Fisher, Fisheries Ecosystems Research

Testing an industrial vessel of opportunity model for ship-time access to survey Canadian Arctic gateway ecosystems using baited remote underwater video 

  • Raymond Thomas, Science & the Environment

Heart Healthy Salmon: Assessment of polar lipid extracts from farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) for the development of cardioprotective nutraceuticals