Completed Projects

Stefanie Colombo   Landlocked salmon as a genetic resource for omega-3 synthesis in farmed Atlantic salmon

Carolyn Buchwald     Determining the nutrient and carbon dioxide fluxes in local ecosystems due to kelp

Daniel Ruzzante    Close-kin mark-recapture estimation of abundance of marine organisms: Marker development for grey seals in the Northwest Atlantic

Erin Black   Towards a better understanding of carbon cycling and sequestration: Quantifying sinking carbon in the Bedford Basin and beyond (co-applicant Stephanie Kienast)

Danielle Denley    Using kelp bed refuges to identify drivers of ecosystem resistance to the combined impacts of climate change and invasive species

Jean-Francois Bousquet   Autonomous sailboat for remote sensing

Kristina Boerder    Global Ocean Watch - Developing a global support tool for marine spatial planning and dynamic ocean management

Amina Stoddart    Evaluating Novel Technologies for Ballast Water Management

Jon Sung Kim    Development of Methods for Iodine Speciation Measurement Toward Better Understanding of Iodine Impacts on Climate, Aquaculture and Health (Co-applicants Qiang Shi & Doug Wallace)

Desai Shan   Canadian Maritime Governance System Mapping and Analysis: Ready for Future Challenges?

Adam Stoer    Estimating particulate carbon on the Scotian shelf from remotely sensed measurements of particle back-scatter

Eric Oliver   Community-based Observing of coastal Nunatsiavut Ocean in Winter – Pilot (CONOW-P)

Hugh MacIntyre    Converting a pollutant to a high-value product: remediation of food-grade waste-streams through microalgal cultivation 

Vincent Sieben   Planning for an ocean sensing strategy in 4D: moving from expensive "labs-on-the-ocean" toward vast networks of inexpensive "lab-on-a-chip" enabled drones