Highlighting OFI Priorities During World Ocean Week 2021

World Ocean Week 2021 is an opportunity to profile the Ocean Frontier Institute and our commitment to cutting edge ocean research, exciting collaboration with industry to drive innovation, and work with our international network to lead global conversations on the critical importance of a sustainable ocean. 

So what is on the horizon for the Ocean Frontier Institute? 

To mark World Ocean Week, each day we will highlight some of our key priorities and areas of focus. 

Check back every day for a glimpse into the Ocean Frontier Institute!

An International Perspective

The Ocean Frontier Institute is focused on critical ocean research questions which are at the centre of the future trajectory of the health, wealth, and sustainability of our planet.

The Ocean Frontier Institute has distributed over $40M in targeted large-scale research grants to researchers across Dalhousie UniversityMemorial University of Newfoundland, and the University of Prince Edward Island, in priority research areas.

In addition, to support this transformative research, the Ocean Frontier Institute is building a strong dialogue between ocean researchers and Indigenous experts through our regional Advisory Committee for Indigenous Engagement in Ocean Research, and production of a unique Indigenous Engagement Guide for Ocean Researchers.

Informing Global Solutions

The Ocean Frontier Institute looks broadly at the ocean’s role in achieving global sustainability. 

Ocean research plays a critical role in informing policy to address large-scale, international challenges, such getting to Net Zero Carbon, and achieving a sustainable Blue Economy. Through our partnerships with governments, industry, coastal communities, and international leaders, the Ocean Frontier Institute is well positioned to provide evidence-informed solutions in the ocean space. 

The ocean has global impact, and it’s important we look at how it is connected to international challenges.

The Ocean Graduate Excellence Network

In 2020, we launched the Ocean Graduate Excellence Network (OGEN) – a novel program that offers training experiences and hands-on learning beyond traditional academia. 

OGEN catalyses collaborative partnerships with industry, government, and other international ocean research institutions, helping partners train the talent they need for their vision of the future. 

We expect OGEN will continue to grow, and we look forward to partnering with more groups on this exciting program.

Ocean School

We are fostering ocean literacy through Ocean School - an Ocean Frontier Institute Program in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada. 

Ocean School combines leading-edge educational technology, with inspiring visuals and  forward-thinking approaches to create compelling and integrated learning experiences.

Ocean School is collaborating with our Phase II Large Research Projects to create exciting ocean literacy content based on our newest research. This dynamic content will be featured as Ocean School expands its North American reach in the coming months.


That's all folks! Thanks for joining us during World Ocean Week 2021. Above we shared some brief updates to highlight our key priorities and areas of focus. We are very excited about what the future has in store for the Ocean Frontier Institute!