OFI Facilities in Memorial University's New Core Science Facility

Construction of a new Core Science Facility (CSF) at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) is well underway, and will provide modern spaces for researchers and administrative staff in the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at MUN.

The building, which will be 480,000 square feet in total, will provide 20,000 square feet of new OFI research and administrative space for staff and researchers.

OFI Administrative Space

The OFI administrative area of the CSF will host the main OFI MUN office, with office space for OFI's Associate Scientific Director and MUN OFI financial/administrative staff. The space also includes a reception desk, large and small meeting rooms, and offices for visiting researchers and/or other MUN OFI researchers.

OFI Gathering Area

This OFI space will provide a modern gathering area with a beautiful corner view, and large glass windows on either side. The space will act primarily as an informal space for faculty, staff, and students to gather for informal conversations and refreshments.

OFI Social Science Research Space

The first of two large OFI research spaces, the CSF will contain a significant social science research laboratory, meant to act mainly as a "people" space/dry lab. Researchers and their students will be able to work collaboratively in the open space, or meet in small breakout/meeting rooms included around the main laboratory space.

OFI Natural Science Research Space

The CSF will also contain a large natural science laboratory space. This research area is designed for ocean research, and will be flexible to ensure natural scientists across ocean disciplines (such as geologists, biologists, physical oceanographers, and chemists) will be able to work effectively.

The hope is that these facilities will be a lasting legacy of OFI well beyond its initial 7-year grant, particularly because they are designed to be flexible for use by a variety of ocean researchers.

You can watch a short video about OFI's space in the new Core Science Facility here.