The Ocean Frontier Institute is focused on understanding key aspects of ocean and ecosystem change and developing strategic and effective solutions that can be applied both locally and globally. OFI’s aim is to conduct research that advances policy decisions and advances the development of a blue — and sustainable — economy. 

Auditing the Northwest Atlantic Carbon Sink

​This research will create an auditing toolkit — a scientific balance sheet — for the Northwest Atlantic’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, now and in the future.

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Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures - FOCI

Researchers are re-thinking the way we design, develop, and manage infrastructures, with an overarching aim to ensure the designs of the future are sustainable, safe and inclusive.

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The Northwest Atlantic Biological Carbon Pump

Without the ocean's biological carbon pump, carbon dioxide concentrations would be nearly double the amount in the atmosphere today and Earth’s climate would be radically different. Currently, we do not have measurements or models to reliably predict how these processes will change as the climate warms.

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BEcoME - Benthic ecosystem mapping for sustainable ocean stewardship in a shifting ocean climate

Surprisingly, only a small fraction of the seafloor has been mapped at the levels needed for us to understand ocean seafloor processes. This project aims to address data gaps in the Northwest Atlantic and help predict how threats like climate change will drive changes to vulnerable marine life on and near the seafloor.

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Offshore Groundwater Resources in a Changing Marine Environment: Continental Shelf Surrounding PEI - SOURCE

Freshwater offshore aquifers located beneath the seafloor may represent a new and critical water resource for Prince Edward Island, and for similar island settings worldwide.

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One Ocean Health

This project aims to provide better understanding of the connection between ocean health, marine animal health, and human health.

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