The Ocean Frontier Institute is focused on understanding key aspects of ocean and ecosystem change and developing strategic and effective solutions that can be applied both locally and globally. OFI’s aim is to conduct research that advances policy decisions and advances the development of a blue — and sustainable — economy. 

Informing Governance Responses in a Changing Ocean

The Newfoundland and Labrador fisheries are in a period of transformation marked by declining crab and shrimp quotas, signs of cod stock recovery, an aging workforce, concerns about labour shortages and conflict around resource access. How to respond to this change, from the community and governance perspective? ​

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Marine Atmospheric Composition & Visibility

This research will investigate marine atmospheric composition, including fog, low cloud and haze, understanding its effects on visibility, climate and air quality across the Northwest Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian Arctic Gateway.

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New Models of Salmon Health Management

Increased density of Atlantic salmon farms can enhance spread of microbial pathogens and risk of disease outbreaks. To resolve this challenge, research will examine disease mitigation strategies, including antibiotic and anti-parasitic treatments.

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Novel Sensors for Fish Health & Welfare

By monitoring fish farms using novel underwater sensors, this research will help increase the sustainability of marine aquaculture.

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Research Data Management

​The emergence of a new generation of ocean-bound sensors is generating an ever-increasing — and complex — volume of data.

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Safe Navigation & Environmental Protection

This research examines shipping issues in the Northwest Atlantic and Canadian Arctic Gateway with the aim of supporting safe navigation, environmental protection and safeguarding the interests of Indigenous Peoples.

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