An ocean of opportunity! There are a variety of ways to join our ocean team, collaborating on research and becoming part of a world-class international training program. 

Scotia-Canadian Ocean Research Exchanges (SCORE)

Short-term study grants for visits to Scotland for PhD students and Early Career Researchers of the Ocean Frontier Institute.

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Student and Postdoc Travel Fund

Students and postdocs at MUN, who are involved with our Large Research Projects, can apply for extra funding to attend conferences and workshops.

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International Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Highly qualified, early career researchers spend 24 months at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia with frequent travel to and from one of OFI’s partner institutions in Europe or the United States. The current call is open between March 26th and May 31st.

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Visiting Fellows Program

OFI provides opportunities for ocean experts to study and work in Atlantic Canada, while we also enable Atlantic Canada's future ocean leaders to benefit by participating in internationally-based research projects.

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OFI Ambassador Program

Some of the most seasoned researchers in Atlantic Canada’s oceanography field may soon have a new title to add to their resume: OFI Ambassador.

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Join OFI

Play a key role in harnessing the potential of the North Atlantic and Canadian Arctic Gateway. Working at OFI is more than a job — it's an opportunity to enhance the sustainable development of our ocean.

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