Dec 21, 2016

Scoring ocean health

We use the ocean in many different ways. It’s a source of food, a great way to cool off on a hot day, a place to enjoy a wide range of marine life, and the workplace for a variety of industries. All of these things greatly benefit us, but can take a toll on the ocean’s overall health. In order to manage the long-term sustainability of the ocean while continuing to enjoy it, we need to know how healthy it is and what can be done to help maintain it.

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Nov 08, 2016

Researchers discover surprising link

A few years ago, a group of Canadian atmospheric scientists and their international colleagues discovered high amounts of ammonia in the summertime air above the Canadian Arctic Archipelago region. Naturally, they wanted to figure out where the ammonia was coming from. That group published the answer and further findings in Nature Communications earlier this week. Media coverage that followed summarized it quite succinctly in headlines: bird poop.

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Oct 12, 2016

What matters to people

Social sciences fundamental to Ocean Frontier Institute success. Coastal communities are also a fundamental part of the equation that will be addressed by the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI).

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Oct 03, 2016

The transformers

Ocean Frontier Institute-led research to change global aquaculture industry. As Memorial’s lead on sustainable aquaculture within the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI), Dr. Matt Rise of the Department of Ocean Sciences is excited about the opportunities the new initiative will bring.

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Sep 09, 2016

From world class to world leading

​The Government of Canada has announced a massive new investment in a Dalhousie-led international ocean-science collaboration — one that positions Canada to become a global leader in the search for safe and sustainable solutions for harnessing the world’s ocean resources.

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Sep 09, 2016

Our ocean future

Tuesday was a historic day for Dalhousie ocean research: the announcement of a $94-million grant to support the new Ocean Frontier Institute, to be led by Dalhousie and its partners at Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Prince Edward Island. When combined with an additional $125 million in support from its partners, OFI represents a transformative and unprecedented investment in Canada’s ocean science sector.

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